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Ye-eun Foundation

We do our best to make the society healthy and clear

The establishment of Ye-eun foundation has its basis on the
corporate motto of “transparent business operation and
returning of the profit to the society”
which has captured the
spirit of the company from the beginning. The Chairman of the
Board, Jung-sun Ji, and the affiliated firms have contributed to
fund the foundation.

Following the business philosophy, SOVICO has provided a
number of scholarships to college students
, including ninety
students at Dongguk University, fifteen at Seoul Women’s
University, twenty-five at Shilla University, and thirty at Seoul Art

In 2002, SOVICO established the Ye-eun foundation in order to
organize and systematize the sponsoring that it has continued
for sixteen years
. By giving opportunities to those who are
talented but confronted with financial difficulties, the
Foundation helped young students to unfold their dreams,
whose hard works and efforts bore fruits in a variety of fields.

In addition to helping individuals in need, we are proud to con-
tribute to cultivating future leaders of the country and develop-
ment of the nation.