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Introducing SOVICO’s CEO


사람을 먼저 생각하는 회사, 최고의 기술력으로 앞서나가는 회사를 만들겠습니다. -SOVICO 대표이사 권대현

Established in 1973, SOVICO has been a Pro Audio company for more than 40 years. During this period, we can proudly say that we have been always honest and transparent for what we were doing.

Our high level of professionalism and long-established business practices have been widely acknowledged from the audio industry. We are not only handling audio equipment, but also providing sophisticated designing & technical training, consulting, and state-of–the art construction under intensive supervision. By doing so, we are now recognized as the top Pro Audio company in Korea and we will do our best to keep this reputation continuously.

SOVICO will not settle for the present. Expanding our field of business activity further to video and telecommunications will be our next mission and it will be the great turning point for SOVICO.

In order to jump higher and become a trustworthy company to the customer, we will decide courageously, challenge passionately, and innovate constantly. Additionally, based on our accumulated know-how, we will also possess technological capability for the area of telecommunication business. The main purpose of our business is to give the best value to the customer and satisfy customer’s need to the fullest.

Our first priority is customer satisfaction. Through the sound, we promise you to become a company who delivers happiness and heartwarming feeling to all and that includes a society as a whole. SOVICO will always consider what we can contribute to the nation to make the world better.

SOVICO CEO Daniel Kwon