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SOVICO is based on honesty and trust

Established in 1973 as a professional audio importing company, SOVICO Corporation has built up a reputation for quality and integrity by introducing world renowned audio equipment to Korea audio market, and had pioneered developments in nation’saudio business circles for over 30 years.

It was decorated a medal of industrial steel tower at the Tax day in 1994 under running for the only way in audio business field with faithful attitude. Besides, we awarded a bronze medal in recognition of contributing to the cultivation of civil emotions and the development of local culture in a competitive exhibition making a cultural space in a company in commemoration of 600 years of Seoul justice. We have accumulated a confidence and trust through these records of receiving various prizes.

We do our best to promote customers’accommodation as extending the network of A/S service over the whole country, and inducing the systems that are a letter of product guarantee, own A/S Service and the establishment of A/S Service-network connected with 50 dealers in the whole country for the first time in the field for showing audio products of world-top brand, and for raising customer’s expectation.